Join the V.R.C.!!

You've heard the First Lady talk about it on TV!!!!
Now you can become a member of the Vast Right-wing Conspiracy!!!

Learn the secret passwords and handshakes. Get your very own VRC membership card, lapel pin and car window decal. You will also receive in your introductory membership packet the direct phone number for Independent Counsel Ken Starr's private office as well as computer software to enable you to create countless items of evidence to use against the President in civil or criminal proceedings or just for plain fun.

Enjoy numerous social events ranging from pub crawls to family barbecues. Discover the roots of the VRC which date back to Plato who foresaw in a vision the election of Bill Clinton as President of the United States.

COMING SOON: The VRC mail order catalog with replicas of gifts given from the President to Monica Lewinsky. Reproduced in exquisite detail from the originals that we supplied in the first place.

In order to join, do nothing. We already know that you want to join and we will be in further contact with you, letting you know the day, time and place of our next meeting. Until then, follow the current conspiracy plans that you already have.

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Bryan Wilhelm

Bryant Lewis
Joel Corbin