Can't Keep a Good Man Down

By Robert Schiener

An endorsement from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, former Indiana Governor Robert Orr, and U.S. representative David McIntosh, to name a few, should give one clear insight as to what Monroe County Councilman Jeff Ellington is all about: conservative values. In a short period of time, voters will decide if the down-to-earth candidate for House District 60 will make his supporters proud.

As expected, Ellington is an unequivocal advocate of the local taxpayers of Monroe County since he has expressed concern that the Legislature has failed to provide permanent property tax relief since a Democratic tax rebate plan falls well short of any real tax cuts worthy of praise and celebration. And with regards to the graduated income tax, Ellington opposes any mimicking of the federal code. In fact, according to a Herald-Times article published on April 14, Jeff was quoted as saying, "At a time when we all agree the federal tax system is a disgrace, why does my opponent want to move Indiana in that direction?" This is the question indeed.

Yet, one comment from incumbent Representative Bales deserves just as much attention. Citing an April 3 article from the Herald-Times, Bales commented on the choice of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce to endorse Ellington by stating: "The [state chamber] only looks out for business. They don't really support the working people." Such a comment has been produced several times by numerous liberals and anti-capitalist supporters. This is not a fallacious generalization. Ask yourself, "How many times have you heard such peoples praise markets or monetary freedom?" Few, if any times.

And to top if off, read what Bales also was quoted as saying via the same source as the latter citation: "If you think you can cut property taxes without raising other taxes, you're trying to deceive the public and you're not being honest." Let me rephrase that to fit the theme of this article, that being the theme that Ellington is the true Republican while Bales is an illegal counterfeit: "If you think you can discard Republican ideology without promoting conservative ideology, you're trying to deceive the public and you're not being a true Republican."

Ellington is a good man. You can't keep him down. He is a family man, a business man, a community leader, and a Republican. Surely winning isn't everything, but electing a sound leader is. That leader is no other than Jeff Ellington and he is our man.

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Bryan Wilhelm

Bryant Lewis
Joel Corbin