America's Last Moral Hope...

By Robert Schiener

They are the most sane individuals on American soils. They are the most sensible individuals on American soils. They are the most sacred individuals on American soils. So, who could this micro-culture represent, other than the beloved, leftist pro-abortionists? No other than the Amish.

So, who, in an exact manner, are these persons and what are their advocations and societal values toward life's "challenges" and subversions?

Well, in terms of historical evolution, those members of the Old Order Amish are the most conservative segment of the Mennonite Church. They are direct descendants of the Anabaptists, a group which emerged from the Reformation in Switzerland as early as 1525 and were the first to teach separation of church and state, an idea otherwise unheard of in those days.

During the eighteenth century, many Amish immigrated to North America after being persecuted from their homes in Switzerland and Germany. Today, there are Amish settlements in seventeen states. In terms of religious beliefs, the Amish believe in a close-knit brotherhood of believers where the church cares for its own poor, aged, and infirm. They don't accept any governmental subsidies, welfare or social security. The Amish refrain from military service, owning automobiles, membership in world companies or secret societies, and from defending themselves in court even when sued unjustly. Women cover their heads, never cut their hair and never wear jewelry. Men always don beards after marrying in the Amish Faith.

Why, then, is it that a morally bankrupt society, such as our own, can not learn a few facets from such peoples? The unfortunate reality states the actuality that America's "leftist guerilladies," for example, have an explicit and morally degrading agenda to promote. Yes, agenda, I say. Take the Feminists' Movement, as a case in point. Theirs is a sad and pessimistic truth that has contributed toward a fracture in traditional gender roles. Theirs is a sad and pessimistic truth that has contributed toward 30 million abortions in our country since 1973. Theirs is a sad and pessimistic truth that has contributed toward a rebellious and unyielding feminist mind-set which rejects traditionalism in favor of progressionism.

While Amish mothers are occupied with the transfer of morality to their offspring, the entrenched and polluted mind-set of the agenda-setting feminists are concerned with continually killing a resolution banning partial-birth abortions. Shame on your premeditated thought. Shame on your defunct ideology. Shame on your explicit agenda.

Further relevant is the idea that many ignorants believe the notion that the Amish avoid reality. The "painful" truth, however, suggests the idea that the Amish are the reality. Their hands work the soil in a manner that sheds optimism and hope for nature's outputs. Their farming techniques arouse a satisfaction that could derive only from the workings of Him. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the Amish rank near the top in farm efficiency.

So while inefficient political achievement arouses a sense of gain by our "leftist guerilladies" who promote unconspicuous genocide, the Amish quietly await for dawn, a new child, or a good harvest; and they are content with what God delivers them. Shouldn't we, unequivocally, do the same? To aid in your decision, which photo depiction looks more sane, sensible, and sacred? The one on the right? Of course!

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Bryan Wilhelm

Bryant Lewis
Joel Corbin