Christian Coalition: Leader of the Pack

By Robert Schiener

Leading a growing alliance of evangelicals, Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Jews, African-Americans, and Hispanics might appear to be an arduous, almost impossible, task to achieve. Contrary to this latter notion, however, one organization positively differentiates itself amongst all others by achieving this goal of representing complex peoples while simultaneously advocating rational, simple principles. So you ask, "Which group has pursued a revitalization of a moral code on our immoral soils?" Is it our "leftist guerilladies" who were explored in last week's column? What about the highly irrational members of the various homosexual organizations? Are these two groups competing for this prestigious title? Ah, don't think so...

This title belongs to no other than the Christian Coalition. Albeit the economic or social sphere of public policy, this latter organization has stood firm on its rational, simple principles. Pardon the conservative "bias," but this notion of rational values is highly correlated to that of conservative philosophy. Specifically, the excellence in values illustrated by the Christian Coalition include, but are not limited to: Ensuring a voice for pro-family Americans in Washington, standing consistently at the forefront to defend people of faith who ask for a voice in their government, and a conspicuous advocation for feeding a tangible hunger for common sense economic and social reform.

Furthermore, the Christian Coalition is credited with displaying an eagle's eye with regards to the religious rights watch. In other words, when impersonal bureaucrats interfere with religious organization and prayer, the Christian Coalition is there to spark the agenda-setting process in order to alleviate government's sins on religious folk.

For example, this month of April has witnessed its share of government intolerance for moral gathering in schools. In Spanaway, Washington, the Bethel School District recently denied a request by a student to form a non-curriculum Bible club. Both the principle and assistant principal rejected the request saying the school could not officially recognize a Bible club because it was religious. In fact, the former figure stated, "The school district has a duty to be neutral in its treatment of religion and religious beliefs." Yet, it was the rational individuals of the Christian Coalition who righteously intervened and reminded the public school of a famous Supreme Court case, that being Westside Community Schools vs. Mergens. In this case, the justices held that there was a crucial differential between government speech endorsing religion, which the Establishment Clause forbids, and private speech endorsing religion, which the Free Speech and Free Exercise Clauses protect.

The above case briefly illustrates the multitude of benefits which arise from the moral work of Christian Coalition members and their objective of protecting religious expression in spite of fierce opposition from leftist organizations, such as NOW, GLBT, and the ACLU. These latter three groups are a frightening and horrid example of a complex derivation of this moral decay of our aggregate society. Thus, if the Christian Coalition rests its membership on an optimistic "Cloud Nine," then NOW, GLBT, and the ACLU rest its membership on the fires of hell, burning any prospect of morality and opportunity for the betterment of social humanity.

In the end, though, let us look optimistically as the Christian Coalition does on a predisposed basis. For at the end of our dark and bleak tunnel, there is hope, opportunity, and faith. There is also the miracles of the Christian Coalition. God bless your organization. God bless your workings. God bless America.

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Bryan Wilhelm

Bryant Lewis
Joel Corbin