Getting Priorities Straight

By Bryant Wilhelm

As students pursuing a higher education at a state funded university, we need to be sure that we are getting the best education possible. It is imperative that we receive the best professors and facilities that funds will allow. We cannot allow our administration to bow to every group on campus that feels a little left out. The most important job of Indiana University's administration should be to make sure that the education that students pay for is worth the money.

Myles Brand announced last week that the University would be spending one million dollars over the next five years to create a "special assistant to the president," a position to be filled by Charlie Nelms. The position that is to be created will aspire to increase student retention and work with the university to build programs to make the campus a more "diverse" institution. Myles Brand claims that his decision was not at all affected by the Student Coalition's demands for a similar role to be filled. According to Brand, the position was one that he had hoped to create for some time. Ironically, the timing of the decision seemed to be suspiciously convenient.

I'm at a loss. I'm not sure who truly runs the University. Is it Ryan Vertner and his bandwagon of mindless followers, or is it the administration officials who are supposed to make decisions that will actually benefit the University? The decisions should not be made by 400 students (that number may be a stretch) whining and crying and demanding "action." It is to be left up to those who have experience in taking care of campus affairs. By demanding "immediate action," we do not serve the aggregate interests of the campus.

Last year's protest and march to demand the day off for Martin Luther King's birthday is a great example of how this administration bends-over for anyone. Do we have the day off for those thousands and thousands of soldiers who died to protect our freedoms? Does this University even show respect for any of them? The answer is no! The University simply caved to media attention and pressure. This in no way takes away from the accomplishments of MLK, but why does the administration feel compelled to satisfy every whim of the collective campus crybabies?

By spending a million dollars (probably more) to create a more "diverse" school, we take away from the most important aspect of the University. The most important aspect is not sensitivity, tolerance, or diversity. It is not the GLBT (add a couple more letters if you so wish) center...it is not the African American center...it is not the Asian American center. It is not any "center." It is not any group. The most important aspect of this University is education! The most important aspect is quality professors and instructors. How can an administration of higher education be so easily swayed so as not to take into account the issues of most importance? It is time to stop allowing our collegiate futures to be determined by the likes of people like Ryan Vertner and his Student Coalition.

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Bryan Wilhelm

Bryant Lewis
Joel Corbin