Picks of the Litter

By Bryant Lewis and Joel Corbin

This Edition's Litter: Reasons to go to I.U.

Bryant's Pick: Variety

In a word: Variety. There is nary a university in the state that offers the amount and variety of opportunities that are available here at the beautiful Indiana University at Bloomington campus. As a student, I've heard a lot of hyperbole about this from administrators, faculty, and alumni, but it really is true!

When I first started looking at colleges, I really wasn't aware of the differences amongst them. I knew that I wanted to go to a school with a high degree of academic quality, and I wanted it to be near or in Indiana. I applied to a few schools, and started to check them out. Wabash College and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology were both fine schools, but their offering of majors were slim. These were definitely schools for those who had decided on their careers years ago. Not me.

After these and other similar revelations, I had narrowed the choice to IU and Purdue University. Purdue was primarily an agricultural and engineering school. Other than that, I heard they had a pretty large drum. But since I was neither a math freak nor a farmer hick, I didn't think my opportunities there were all that bright.

All this searching finally led me to IU. I knew it as a university large enough to offer a great variety of majors, ideas, and people, and the education wasn't restricted to a small range of fields. After spending a couple of years here, I know I made the right choice. I've been able to take classes in many areas, and have had the chance to gain experiences other colleges can't begin to match. A simple browse of the IU web site can confirm this -- there really is a lot of stuff here! All of you high-schoolers out there (are you out there?), give IU a look. If you don't want to be restricted to smaller or less diverse colleges, IU is for you!

Joel's Pick: (pending)

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