The Last Hurrah

By Martin Madden

It only seems like a few short weeks ago that I assumed the reigns of the College Republicans, and I have had such a good experience that the year has flown by. This past week, though, I passed the torch to Robert Brothers and to a new set of officers who will continue to provide a Republican and conservative voice to campus issues. I would like to offer them a few words of advice that I picked up over the last year that I think will be useful for future programs.

My tenure as Chairman occurred during an off election year. There was not one election at the federal, state, or local level for the CRs to plan for and assist in. We kept busy nonetheless by battling InPIRG, hosting several mass meetings with guests Peter Rusthoven and Sue Anne Gilroy, spending the summer in Bloomington planning to send a more representative (i.e. conservative) delegate to the Statehouse, giving presentations in classes, and attempting to bring a conservative conference on campus.

At every turn, we faced derision and hindrance because of our ideals and goals. Who could forget my off-hand comment at the Gilroy mass meeting that subsequently was plastered on page 2 of the IDS? In addition, the IUSA mocked us at a gathering last spring when we tried to reveal InPIRG for what it was, a scam. An finally, we had a professor of political science, one of the most liberal on campus, tell us that we were extreme and that she was objective.

My message to the new officers is simple. Keep the goals of spreading the conservative truth to the campus and community always close to your heart. Then you will be able to endure the jabs, snide remarks, and obstacles placed in your way by liberals. True enjoyment and fulfillment will be gained and tangible results for the community will be seen when you work hard to elect conservatives to positions at all levels of government this year. I have great faith in Robert and the new officers, and I wish them the best of luck. I cannot wait to open the paper on November 4 to read about the Republican sweep in southern Indiana as a result of CR determination and leadership.

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Bryan Wilhelm

Bryant Lewis
Joel Corbin