Break out the razor blades

A review of Did I shave my back for this? by Cledus "T" Judd (no relation)

By Scott Tibbs

Country comedian Cledus "T" Judd (no relation) just released his third album, Did I shave my back for this?, after a successful second album. This one has the usual parodies, including "Wives do it all the time" a parody of Mindy McCready's "Guys do it all the time", as well as the title cut, a parody of Deanna Carter's "Did I shave my legs for this?"

Overall, this is an entertaining album, but is a slight disappointment when compared to his last effort which brought him to prominence. Don't get me wrong, if you are a Cledus fan and have the other two CD's, this is definitely a good buy. There are some funny moments on the album, especially the title cut. But if you don't have the other two, and are only planning on buying one, then either the first album, Cledus "T" Judd (No relation) or the second, I stoled this record would be a more entertaining choice.

The parodies are the best feature of this album, making up six of the ten songs. The other four are original material, written for Cledus. The original material, though, is not quite as funny as the original material in the second album, which included the hilarious "1-900-Sheila". "Psychic to the stars" is the funniest of the new material, showing Cledus still does not take himself too seriously, unlike many stars. Other songs, including "Hankenstein", are just plain silly, and the album would have been better served with another parody instead. Meanwhile, "First redneck on the Internet" manages to work in the web address of the Cledus home page.

But the parodies are what people will be buying the album for. "Mindy McCready" (a parody of the Alan Jackson hit "Little bitty") continues the tradition Cledus started with "If Shania was mine". Cledus sings about being a good old fat boy infatuated with a beautiful country singer, knowing he doesn't have a chance. "Cledus don't stop eatin' for nuthin'" shows he can also deliver some good self-depreciating humor.

One feature that isn't on this album will be a relief to some and a disappointment to others is the lack of politically incorrect material, such as "The change" on I stoled this record. Cledus also returns to the habit that he developed on his first album of imitating the vocal styles of the people whose songs he is parodying. For example, Cledus mimics the vocal style of Trace Adkins relatively closely in the parody "Every bulb in the house is blown".

Overall, if you're looking for a good parody album, and already have Cledus' previous two efforts, Did I shave my back for this? is a good choice. It isn't for everybody, as die-hard country fans may prefer the original songs to the parodies. But it is a refreshing change of pace to keep an already humble music genre rooted in reality.

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