Volume 2, Number 13

April 5, 1998

Chamber endorses Ellington

By Scott Tibbs

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce endorsed Jeff Ellington for the Republican nomination in the District 60 State Representative race on April 2, 1998. ICC Director of Public affairs Jeff Brantley noted Ellington's opponent, incumbent State Representative Jerry Bales, has consistently voted against business interests. Brantley noted there are some very important issues coming in the 1999 session of the state legislature, and there is a concern in the ICC that Bales will be beholden to organized labor and the teachers unions when those issues come up for a vote.

Jeff Ellington (left) accepts the endorsement of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce from Jeff Brantley

Brantley noted that, in his opinion, Ellington would be a pro-business legislator. Bales, on the other hand, has consistently voted against business interest when "defining issues" came up, and has "staked out a position" on organized labor.

Ellington noted that as a small business owner, he hopes to create a more pro-business environment in the legislature. He noted property taxes crushes our ability for growth and we need permanent property tax reform. Ellington also opined that while we have a surplus in Indiana it is "shameful" that state government cannot find a way to send the money back to the taxpayers.

Ellington promised to be proactive as opposed to reactive in creating a pro-business atmosphere.

Local businessman Leo Hickman noted political involvement is important in creating a pro-business atmosphere

The Monroe County Republican Party has also officially endorsed Ellington in his run for the state legislature. County Party Chairman Chris Callaway noted that four people had expressed interest in running against Bales in December of 1996. A committee was formed to look into the matter, with each interested individual sitting on the committee. The committee decided a few months later that Ellington would be a good candidate to challenge Bales, and proceeded to recruit Ellington for the position. Ellington, then, did not decide to run himself, but was asked to run. Callaway noted that while this information was passed on to the Herald-Times, the H-T allowed Ellington's opponents to claim that he was "very ambitious" and never reported the actions of the committee. The H-T, as of April 2, 1998, has not reported this.

Ellington has received several endorsements in his race against Bales, including former Lieutenant Governor candidate George Witwer, The Monroe County Republican Party, Greene County Commissioner Tom Bailey, and former state representative David Lohr. There will likely be more endorsements to come, with a possible major endorsement soon.

Bloomington resident Dr. Robert Walker noted a friend of his spent $700 on Bales first run for the state legislature. Voter guides put together by Walker and a few others pulled between 600 and 1000 votes for Bales that year, when Bales won by a mere 150 votes. Walker said he told Bales he did not owe his supporters anything, just to stand by his principles, which Walker says he has digressed from "terribly". Walker noted that he is not directly involved in the Ellington campaign, because he does not believe Ellington needs his help.

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