Volume 2, Number 11

March 1, 1998

College Republicans, County Party endorse Rusthoven

By Scott Tibbs

The IU College Republicans and the Monroe County Republican Party have officially endorsed Indianapolis attorney Peter Rusthoven in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate race. The County Party hosted a press conference at the County Courthouse to officially announce the endorsement.

Jeremy Crouch, the County Party's Communications Director and former College Republican Vice President, noted outgoing Senator Dan Coats is a true conservative, and Republicans need to replace him with another true conservative.

College Republican President Robert Brothers said the Rusthoven campaign has proven to be the best organized of the three Republican campaigns. He also noted that the College Republicans have also voted to endorse Rusthoven, by a unanimous vote of the officers. When questioned, Brothers noted that when two candidates are equal ideologically as John Price and Rusthoven are, the party should support the more effective candidate.

Chris Callaway noted that Paul Helmke's closeness to Bill Clinton will hurt him in the primary. He said Helmke is "overly friendly" to Clinton. Callaway also noted that there is nothing wrong with having friends in the other party, but Helmke should not become the chief apologist for Clinton. Callaway noted he had endorsed Rusthoven before Helmke's apologetic defense of Clinton in the face of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Rusthoven noted this will be the most watched Senate race in the country, as a "New Democrat" in the Clinton mode with designs on national office will be taking on a Reagan Republican. Rusthoven also noted the need to get rid of the IRS, as it is too powerful and intrusive. Rusthoven also favors eliminating the estate tax, which too often prevents family farms or family-owned businesses from being passed on from generation to generation.

Hoosiers can send a message to the nation with this election, according to Rusthoven. He noted that Evan Bayh has said he wants to bring Hoosier values to Washington D.C. However, Rusthoven noted that as the keynote speaker at the 1996 Democratic convention, he said Bill Clinton is a representative of American values. Rusthoven disagrees. In another clear reference to Clinton, Rusthoven also asked if there is a parent who will tell his or her child that as long as they do well in their occupation, their character does not matter?

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