Volume 2, Number 10

February 15, 1998

College Republicans elect new officers.

By Scott Tibbs

On February 2, 1998, the Indiana University College Republicans elected new officers for 1998. Taking over as officers in 1998 are:

*Wilhelm will also be taking the reigns of Hoosier Review as Editor-In-Chief.

Outgoing officers include Chairman Martin Madden, a senior, Treasurer Suzi Miller, a senior, External Vice-Chair Alison Applegate, who graduated in December, Social DirectorMarta Pincheira, a sophomore, and Publications Director Scott Tibbs, a senior. Tibbs will also be stepping down as Editor-In-Chief of Hoosier Review.

Goals of College Republicans, as always, will include recruitment, involvement in the upcoming campaign, and support for Republican candidates in the primaries.

Of particular interest to College Republicans will be the 8th district Congressional campaign, the District 60 State Representative primary and general elections, and the County Council races.

Additional articles in this issue:

Ex-Chairman Martin Madden gives a farewell to CRs.

New Hoosier Review Editor-in-Chief offers a inaugural message.

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