Volume 2, Number 8

January 18, 1998

Pro-lifers march for life in Bloomington

By Scott Tibbs

On January 18, Monroe County Right to Life and Indiana University Students for Life co-sponsored a March for life to sadly remember the 25th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the decision that legalized abortion in the United States. Speakers at the rally noted the progress made by pro-lifers in this debate, but recognized we have far to go before we end the tragedy of abortion in America. First, IU Students for Life President Jen Paynter noted that before Roe v Wade, 98,000 children lost their lives to abortion. After Roe v Wade, that number exploded to 1.6 million. Paynter also noted that among college freshmen, support for legalized abortion has dwindled to the lowest level since 1980.

IUSFL Vice President Emily Allen noted the necessity of ending all abortions, noting there can never be a "good reason" to kill a baby. Allen also connected the pro-life movement to the civil rights and women's movement, noting the pro-life movement is a human rights movement.

Other progress is being made as well. Myra Kinser of the Bloomington Crisis Pregnancy Center noted CPC has collected $325,000 in a fund raising drive that hopes to raise $900,000. Kinser hopes to have the Hannah House ready this year to provide shelter for women in crisis pregnancies. If pro-lifers wish to donate time or money to CPC, they can either call (812) 334-0104 or write to the Crisis Pregnancy Center, 808 North College, Bloomington, IN, 47404.

On the legislative front, Monroe County Right to Life legislative officer Wayne Worrall noted there are toll free numbers for pro-life citizens to call if they wish to express their support for pro-life legislation in the state legislature. For the State Senate, dial 1-800-382-9467. For the State Legislature, dial 1-800-382-9841 for a Republican member or 1-800-382-9842 for a Democrat. There is also a toll free number to call to reach federal elected officials on this issue, 1-888-723-5246. This number will lead callers directly to the congressional switchboard.

Worrall also had an interesting take on the animal cruelty bill introduced by state Rep. Mark Kruzan: "If after dismembering 6-10 babies on a Thursday morning, the abortionist were to dismember 6-10 puppies outside of the clinic, what would happen?" Under Kruzan's proposed animal torture bill, he would go to jail. Not for dismembering the babies, but for dismembering the animals. Interesting contrast, isn't it?

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