Volume 2, Number 7

December 7, 1997

A CUE forum on the ministry

"Brother Dan" Phillips speaks at Wright

By Scott Tibbs

If you have walked between the river of life and the streets of glory, you have seen him preaching in the meadow, usually drawing a crowd. He is Dan Phillips, also known as "Brother Dan". On December 3, he spoke at a CommUNITY Educators (CUE) forum in the Wright Quad Formal Lounge.

Before he accepted Christ as his personal savior, Phillips was what you could call a "religious" non-Christian. He went to church and studied the Bible so he could have knowledge to impress his friends, but not for a spiritual reason. Eventually, he accepted Christ. He said he had a completely new view of life, reading the Bible for 2-3 hours a night.

In Bible college, he began working with others in sidewalk witnessing, which is where he said he found his true calling with God. Eventually, he began working with another evangelist, Max Lynch, also known as "Mad Max". Currently he goes to campuses all over Indiana to preach, including Purdue.

Phillips also discussed his views on some issues, including abortion and drinking alcohol. On abortion, he explained he is pro-life in every circumstance. On alcohol, he said drinking itself is not a sin, but drinking to get drunk is. He admitted, however, Christians should not drink at all if that drinking becomes a stumbling block to others.

While Phillips is usually very excitable while preaching, he was quite calm at the CUE forum. He explained his views in a non-confrontational manner, mostly concentrating on his life story and how he came to now Christ personally.

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