Volume 2

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9/7/97--Volume 2, Number 1--featuring articles on InPIRG and the Kinsey Institute

9/28/97--Volume 2, Number 2--featuring "Coming Out Conservative Week"

10/12/97--Volume 2, Number 3--featuring an interview with campus evangelist "Mad" Max Lynch

10/26/97--Volume 2, Number 4--featuring coverage of the Concerned Women for America protest of the Kinsey Institute

11/9/97--Volume 2, Number 5--featuring the debut of two new columns, in addition to the other fine columns this year.

11/23/97--Volume 2, Number 6--featuring Pat Buchanan's speech at Wabash College.

12/7/97--Volume 2, Number 7--featuring coverage of a CUE program with "Brother Dan" Phillips

1/18/98--Volume 2, Number 8--featuring 25th anniversary pro-life march in Bloomington

2/1/98--Volume 2, Number 9--featuring an interview with U.S. Senate candidate Peter Rusthoven

2/15/98--Volume 2, Number 10--featuring the new College Republican officers for '98-'99, and a message from the new Hoosier Review Editor-in-Chief

3/1/98--Volume 2, Number 11--featuring a report on Senate candidate Peter Rusthoven and IUSA's vote to fund pro-abortion propaganda

3/24/98--Volume 2, Number 12--featuring the Grassroots United Sheriff Forum, and articles about the '98 IUSA elections

4/5/98--Volume 2, Number 13--featuring the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce's endorsement of Jeff Ellington for State Representative

4/19/98--Volume 2, Number 14--featuring a Grassroots United primary election forum and David McIntosh's endorsement of Jeff Ellington

5/3/98--Volume 2, Number 15--featuring Congressman John Hostettler's visit to the spring CR mass meeting

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