A founder's farewell

By Scott Tibbs

Well, this is my last issue of Hoosier Review. I am finally graduating from IU after five years. Well, it's actually four and a half years, as I would have graduated in December of 1997 had I not been forced to drop out in March of 1997. I am extremely proud of what HR has become in its year and a half of existence. When I co-founded HR with former College Republican President Sean Frick and Eric Seymour, we envisioned it to be an alternative to the liberal media. With HR, conservatives now had a voice unfiltered by the likes of the Herald-Times and the Indiana Daily Student.

I believe I have made an impact during my years here, serving as HR's first Editor-In-Chief, the College Republican Publications Director in 1997, and as the CR Membership Director in 1996. More recently, I have held the title of Treasurer of IU Students for Life. In addition, I co-founded and served as the first Vice-President of the Student Alliance for Responsible Research.

Next year, I envision HR to move on to bigger and better things. I believe I have left HR is very capable hands, with Bryan Wilhelm as my replacement as EIC and as Publications Director. I think Bryan and Eric, as well as Robert Schiener, Joel Corbin, and Bryant Lewis will pilot HR into being one of the most groundbreaking independent political internet publications around, building on what Eric, Sean and I started. We have already scooped both the H-T and the IDS several times, and I am sure the remaining staff will continue to do so. I think these five will form an excellent core for HR to build upon as it becomes even more influential on the IU campus.

As I move on to bigger and better things, I will look back fondly on these last three years when I was involved in a truly influential conservative movement. The IU College Republicans are one of the biggest and most active CR chapters in America, and I am glad I had the opportunity to be involved in such a powerful group.

It is entirely possible you will see my name pop up again in HR, maybe a guest column once in a while, or in a HR news story detailing my upcoming Presidential campaign. :-) Seriously, I will be sure to read HR long after my college career is over, and I encourage the readership to do the same. We have set up something groundbreaking here, and HR will soon eclipse what it is now by far.

Thanks a lot for your loyal readership during the past year and a half. I appreciate your support, and I look forward to watching HR grow more influential and more visible under Bryan's leadership and beyond. Have a great Summer and a great 1998/99 school year.

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Bryan Wilhelm

Bryant Lewis
Joel Corbin