Campus Crusade visits the "Oasis"

By Eric Seymour

This weekend (April 17-19), IU Campus Crusade for Christ held a fall retreat at scenic Camp Rivervale near Mitchell, Indiana. The purpose of the getaway was to evaluate the past year and make plans for the '98-'99 school year.

Approximately 80 students from IU were joined by 30 more from Indiana State University, Hanover College, Depauw, and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. The sound of drums and electric guitars, along with an acoustic guitar and a trumpet pulsed from the main lodge as the College Life band kicked off the retreat with an energetic set of praise and worship songs.

The keynote speaker for the weekend was Bob Francis. In keeping with the aquatic theme of an "Oasis," Francis' messages were built around the theme of "problems below the waterline." Francis challenged the students to examine issues in their lives which are hidden to others, and often even to themselves.

Chilly, cloudy weather could not dampen the spirits of the students at Camp Rivervale. On Saturday, most of the students engaged in a game of "Capture the Campus." Similar to the game "capture the flag," this object lesson spanned the entire 50+ acres of the camp. Sixty students tried to capture six flags from the dozen staff members, who could tag students and send them to "jail." By the end of the game nearly two hours later, the students had learned the benefits of teamwork, leadership, and active strategy.

Many plans were also made for how to reach students, especially incoming freshmen, in the fall. Ideas in this category varied from picnics to free concerts. One thing is certain: Students who visited the "Oasis" this weekend walked away not only with their thirst quenched, but also with plans to share that "living water" with others.

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

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