Bad Company, Good Company

Politically, I am a supporter of free markets and free speech. As a Christian (or even as a decent human being), I find many of the uses of free speech to be offensive. I would be a hypocrite, however, to ask the government in one breath to stop Larry Flynt from distributing pornography, and in the next to allow Biblical Christmas displays in public places.

The solution to this dilemma is not obvious, but fits elegantly into my belief in free markets. Just as consumers have the right to buy what they want, we have the right to not buy things from certain companies, and thus exert economic pressure on them to change their behavior. This is known as a boycott.

One of the most noted boycotts in the past few years is the ongoing boycott of Disney by a myriad of Christian organizations, including the American Family Association and the Southern Baptist Convention.

Why the boycott? As Disney has become a modern multinational entertainment giant under CEO Michael Eisner, it has abandoned its roots in family entertainment in pursuit of sheer profit and the political agenda of its administration. Even its current animated features aimed at the family audience are laced with New Age themes, and are terribly historically inaccurate. The recent film "Pocahontas" is the most obvious example of this.

Hidden messages in films may seem like the stuff of paranoid conspiracy theory, but Disney animator Dave Spafford admits to sneaking very brief adult content into "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" These include Betty Boop exposing herself, Daffy Duck with an erection, and Bugs Bunny flipping off Mickey Mouse. Furthermore, Daily Variety has reported that it is common for animators to insert such material as a joke.

Not everyone is laughing. Many Catholic groups are up in arms over recent productions of Disney-owned companies. Miramax's "Priest" and ABC's "Nothing Sacred" both portray members of the clergy in entirely negative views.

So what's Disney supporting? It's not hard to figure out that this supposed bastion of family entertainment is one of the premier supporters of the radical homosexual agenda. Executives welcome the annual "Gay and Lesbian Day at the Magical Kingdom." It is commonplace on these days for homosexual couples to engage in overt displays of sexuality in a theme park full of children!

By far, however, the worst offense by Disney is their production of the satanic rock group Danzig, through Disney-owned Hollywood Records. This band is so offensive that their music video Blackacidevil was banned by MTV for scenes depicting sadomasochism, masturbation, urination, and genital mutilation.

Not all corporations engage in such irresponsible dollar-chasing, however. Wal-Mart department stores refuse to sell any album with a parental advisory label for explicit lyrics. Though the chain has taken criticism from various entertainment groups for "censorship," Wal-Mart leadership continues to stand firm. When asked why Wal-Mart is taking this stand, company spokesman Keith Morris simply replied, "Because it's the right thing to do." Are you listening, Michael Eisner?

To find out how to join in the boycott of Disney, refer to the American Family Association's page detailing reasons for the boycott, and Disney subsidiaries. And thank your local Wal-Mart management for their stand for decency.

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Bryan Wilhelm

Bryant Lewis
Joel Corbin