A New Direction

By Bryan Wilhelm

Well, the College Republicans held elections nearly two weeks ago. The CR elections mark a new beginning to a very important year. With 1998 being an election year, the CR's will be moving forward with important missions promoting and helping our local Republican candidates. As the new Publications Director and Editor-in-Chief, I will no doubt attempt to play a key role in a Republican victory. The Hoosier Review will be a great arena to put forth conservative Republican ideals on our Indiana University campus.

We can find liberal material and agendas anywhere we look without difficulty, but where do students find a conservative voice? As past issues have proven, the conservative voice comes from the contributing Hoosier Review editors. This year will be no different except those students will now know that a conservative publication exists. With the help of fellow Republicans, I hope to make the HR as well known as the IDS.

Of course this will be no easy task. We will be harassed, taken out of context, called names, and resisted by those liberal forces that seem to engulf Indiana University. But, with the support of a conservative student body, our voice will be heard and our ideals will be promoted.

I want to welcome our readers to a new era of the Hoosier Review. I will be working very hard, along with my fellow editors, to be sure that the HR is the best publication available to the IU and Bloomington community. As the new Editor-in-Chief, I like would welcome any ideas that may help improve our publication. Please feel free to send us a message. HR will continue to be published bi-weekly via the World Wide Web. So, don't forget to tell others about our publication.


Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Bryan Wilhelm

Bryant Lewis
Joel Corbin