McIntosh endorses Ellington

By Scott Tibbs

A large crowd gathered at the Monroe County Courthouse on April 17 to hear U.S. Representative David McIntosh endorse Jeff Ellington in his Republican primary challenge to incumbent Jerry Bales.

Opportunity Project of Indiana director George Witwer spoke first. Witwer explained we should not look to the government to solve our problems. We need a representative in Indianapolis who will fight the powers that be. Witwer said we need to return control over schools to parents, and we need a representative with courage and integrity. Witwer said Ellington is that candidate, and the Opportunity Project has both endorsed Ellington and contributed a large sum to the Ellington campaign.

Rep. McIntosh won by a slim margin in 1994, and was re-elected in 1996 by a twenty point margin over a Democrat whom Jerry Bales endorsed.

McIntosh said he used to work for President Reagan, which was a great experience. He said that Reagan had an "11th commandment" not to speak ill of another Republican, but Reagan obviously never met Jerry Bales.

Macintosh noted one of the most important issues in 1998 will be taxes, and that while Jeff Ellington believes in a flat tax, Bales supports instituting a graduated income tax. While a career politician says you need to raise some taxes to cut others, McIntosh and Ellington take the opposite view. McIntosh also said it is important to respect life, and Ellington will do that.

Jeff Ellington spoke on his own behalf, saying Indiana needs lower taxes and a permanent tax cut. He has experience in cutting taxes, since the Monroe County Council has reduced the tax burden from 1997 to 1998. Ellington also said we need to be proactive in preventing Thompson-like economic disasters, and improved road infrastructure such as I-69 is a way to do that. Ellington also noted Jerry Bales has attempted to increase taxes every year since 1981.

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