IUSA elections March 31, April 1

By Scott Tibbs and Eric Seymour

It is plain to see by the chalking on the sidewalks that IUSA elections are once again upon us. This year's election contains the rare occurrance of a student-body president running for re-election. Seniors Dave Orensten, Joe Roman, Jamie Abrams, and junior Kate Schroder make up the candidates on the ORAS ticket.

Challenging the incumbent Orensten and his running mates are Juniors Khaled Taha, Erin Doty, Shana Brodnax, and Senior Eddie Jenkins of the TDBJ ticket. The College Republican executive board voted to endorse the TDBJ officers, though a blanket endorsement of the entire party was not included, because many College Republicans are running for Senate positions with ORAS.

Hoosier Review issued a 10-question survey to all the above IUSA executive candidates. All questions are phrased so that a "yes" response is generally favorable to a conservative viewpoint. A table listing the response to questions appears below. A "NR" indicates "no response."

1. Will you support legislation limiting persons elected to IUSA to two senate terms?

2. Will you support a resolution calling on the Mandatory Activity Review Board to reduce by 10% the money alotted to IUSA from the activity fee?

3. Do you support a ban prohibiting CASI funds to be given to student organizations which lobby at the city, county, state, or federal government level?

4. Will you support legislation to reduce the maximum alottment to student organizations to $3,000 per year?

5. Will you support a resolution calling on Indiana University to increase the rate of tuition to no more than the rate of inflation?

6. Will you support a resolution to abolish the GRIF fund?

7. Will you support a 25% reduction in the budget of the AID department?

8. Do you consider the following groups to be political in nature and, therefore, should not receive CASI funds:
A. Student Environmental Action Coalition?

9. Do you agree that the Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Center should not receive public funds?

10. Will you oppose any negative registration check-off option for student organization funding?

Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 A B C 9 10
Dave Orensten (ORAS) N Y Y N NR N N N N N N Y
Joe Roman (ORAS) N Y Y N NR N N Y Y Y N Y
Jamie Abrams (ORAS) N N N N N N N N N N N N
Kate Schroder (ORAS)
Khaled Taha (TDBJ) N N N N Y N N NR* NR* NR* NR Y
Erin Doty (TDBJ) N N N N Y N N NR* NR* NR* NR Y
Shana Brodnax (TDBJ) N N N N Y N N NR* NR* NR* NR Y
Eddie Jenkins (TDBJ) N N N N Y N N NR* NR* NR* NR Y

*TDBJ members each believe that CASI funding should be decided based on individual initiatives, not the student groups involved.

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Bryan Wilhelm

Bryant Lewis
Joel Corbin