New Book by Prominent Indiana Republican

Sligo Press announces the release of Indiana GOP chief Gordon K. Durnil's Is America Beyond Reform?. Mr. Durnil's qualifications for writing this compelling work are:

Republican campaign manager (or in campaign management position) for 38 Indiana Republican campaigns-33 were winners. U.S. Senators, Governors, Presidents: Lugar, Quayle, Coats, Orr, Burton, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, etc.

Indiana Republican State Chairman for 8 years (longer than anyone in state history)

Republican National Committee Executive member 8 years

Raised more funds for Indiana Republican Party and GOP candidates than anyone in Hoosier history (over $32 million)

Nominated by President Bush as U.S. Chairman of the International Joint Commission (1989-1994)

Author of "The Making of a Conservative Environmentalist" (Indiana University Press, 1995)

Here is what the reviewers are saying about Is America Beond Reform?

Robert Novak, CNN, Chicago Sun-Times, and Syndicated Columnist: "Gordon Durnil is a phenomenon: a battle-hardended politician who is still enough of an idealist to say that the crucial ingredient of America reform is individual freedom, which regrettably is a declining commodity in this country today. This book is fun to read-filled with wit, insights and more than a few surprises."

Kirkus Reviews, August 1, 1997: "A serious but appealing assessment of the havoc worked by activist liberals...Durnil's thoughtful text is not without comic relief...An insightful conservative's low-key judgement on what he views as radical progressivism, a volume that could reopen the lively if bitter debate on individual rights and collective responsibilities."

Richard Lugar, United States Senator and 1996 presidential candidate: "Gordon Durnil has produced an incisive and persuasive examination of contemporary American culture, politics, and character. His observations on the connections between national strength and national morality are especially timely. Anyone who reflects on where our society has been and where it is headed will find Is America Beond Reform? to be an essential contribution."

Pete Seeger, Singer, liberal activist: "I believe one of the hopes of the human race is being willing to communicate with others, and trying to widen our areas of agreement, even though we have deep disagreements in other areas. And so I recommend Gordon Durnil's new book Is America Beyond Reform?."

Morgan Norval, Executive Director the Selous Foundation: "As disgust, anger, and discontent grow among Americans fed up with the abysmal performance of our politicians, Gordon Durnil's book may be the last warning and blueprint for reform and restoration of public trust in our political process. We ignore its message at our peril."

Dick Cady, Indianapolis Star, July 31, 1997: "As he did with the earlier book, Durnil surprises. Conservative, yes, but not predictable, preachy or boringly doctrinaire. This is an avuncular Durnil who is willing to ask questions as well as answer them."

Spencer Abraham, U.S. Senator: "Durnil skillfully blends shrewd cultural and political analysis with personal anecdotes and plain common sense. The result: a ringing call for a return to the traditional standards of conduct that until recently taught Americans to lead good lives and to make their government serve the needs of the people."

Jeanie Austin, Former Co-Chairman, Republican National Committee: "Is America Beyond Reform? is very enjoyable and I wholeheartedly recommend it to my friends. Durnil's book has a common sense approach to problems that concern all of us. I also liked the humor found in the book."

William D. Ruckelshaus, E.P.A. Administrator under Nixon and Reagan: "Gordon Durnil brings a wealth of experience and a large dollop of Hoosier common sense to the problems facing the Republican Party in America. Everyone who reads this book will be glad they did and a lot wiser for it."

Is America Beyond Reform? examines the thinking that has brought America to a time when the title question must be asked, but that's not all-this book offers solutions for those who will enter the arena. It's written on the presumption that too many Americans are unaware of the seriousness of the wrongs among us-or that too many of us simply don't care.

Mr. Durnil has appeared on the Mary Matalin Show, The Gary Nolan Show, The Greg Garrison Show, The Peter Weissbach Show, The Rick Minyard Show, and is scheduled for additional radio, TV, author signings and speaking engagements across the country.

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