Bits & Bytes

  • Hoosier Review to be regulated by Clinton Administration?-- The August 29 Indiana Daily Student ran an AP story regarding a call by President Clinton for an industry-wide Internet ratings system. About 25 Internet news organizations oppose rating news-oriented sites.
  • Herald-Times insensitive to children?-- On the front page of the August 31 Herald-Times, two stories about burn victims were on the front page. While a story regarding an 8-year-old boy was relegated to the bottom of the page, a burned cat was one of two focus headlines of the day.
  • First the Thought Police, now the Party Police!--An IDS staff editorial on Wednesday, August 27 criticised a freshman welcome party at McNutt Quad with a Hawaiian theme. The party, which included "pineapples, sea shells, beach balls, and fake lobsters" had a "potential for exploitation, stereotyping, and misunderstanding," according to the IDS. Apparently, some people just can't appreciate a good party!
  • So does that mean Christian conservatives are excluded from "our community?" The Bloomington Beacon, a new publication whose slogan is "a newspaper for our community", ran a story on it's front page detailing opposition to a speaker for the extremist "Christian right."
  • Herald-Times to propose wage and price controls?-- In a Sept. 7 editorial, the H-T wonders whether market-dictated salaries for basketball players and movie stars "makes sense."

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