Bits & Bytes

  • Nightclub Feminism--In her September 16 IDS opinion column, Reagan Rush cites a conversation overheard at Mars nightclub by two (undoubtedly drunk) men as evidence that gender inequity continues to run rampant in our society.
  • Hook, Line, and Sinker!--In a recent news blunder, a rental truck was found near an abortion clinic with residue from standard traffic flares. This incident sparked nationwide reports of a clinic bombing, including a big reaction from Herald-Times columnist Mike Leonard, who wrote "When so-called "right to life" organizations stop their terrorist activities, then rightful suspicion won't be aimed at them. You guys amaze me." You amaze us, Mike!!
  • "My opponent is stupid": New Democratic slogan?--In their newsletter We're Right, They're Wrong, The Monroe County Democratic Party attacks County Council member Jeff Ellington's intelligence and refers to him as the "Dan Quayle of Monroe County." It appears the well of ideas has run dry at the Monroe County DP.
  • More distortion from the Herald-Times-- The Bloomington Herald-Times recently ran a story on Olivia the Burned Cat which then went out over the Associated Press wire. In the article, the H-T quoted an IDS columnist who said people who donate money for Olivia's medical bills "need to have their heads examined". Not only did the H-T not mention the author of the column, Scott Tibbs, but it distorted the statement by not mentioning the call for donations to go to Riley children's hospital or Middle Way House instead.

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener