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  • Hang up your keyboard, Jim--In using the tired line about being against abortion, but for a woman's "choice," Jim Stier asserted in his April 21 Indiana Daily Student column that his opinions "have no validity outside me and have no influence on anyone else." Stier, author of some of the most offensive columns this semester, would have done a service to the campus if he heeded his own words six months ago.
  • Corporate welfare for the merchants of death--A Chicago jury awarded over $85,000 to abortion clinics from several militant abortion opponents. National Organization for Women attorney Fay Clayton said "It's only because their message is so weak that they have to resort to these tactics." If so, what does it say about an organization that brings lawsuits against those who challenge it? Short on valid ideology, perhaps?
  • International loss of face--Looks like America's philanderer-in-chief has made an impression overseas. During Clinton's recent visit to Africa, a South African radio host announced his arrival by warning listeners to "lock up your daughters."
  • Hypocrisy reigns in the liberal media--The April/May issue of Link (a typical free "college magazine") contains numerous factoids bemoaning the perceived rise in "hate crimes" in America. In the same issue, the editors respond with contempt and outright hostility to readers who dare disagree with their ideas, especially racially devisive affirmative action policies.
  • Are you reporting or advocating? -- The Bloomington Herald-Times ran an editorial on April 26 advising what the bounds of district 60 are in case Democrats want to cross over to vote in the GOP State Representative primary. Gee, there wouldn't be a hidden goal in this on the part of this pro-Jerry Bales newspaper, would there?
  • Animal rights terrorists strike again -- According to Americans for Medical Progress, the Animal Liberation front, an organization "wholeheartedly supported" by the Animal Defense League, was implicated in vandalizing vans owned by Shriners. AMP notes "The vans are used by the Shriners to transport chronically ill and burned children to Tampa Hospital for treatments. The transport program was halted until the windshields could be replaced."
  • Third time's a charm? -- The Associated Press reports the Rev. Jesse Jackson is attempting to "gauge his voter appeal" for a possible campaign for President in 2000. Sorry Jesse, but it just ain't gonna happen.
  • Evil capitalists exploit workers!! -- In her April 28 IDS column attacking the free market system, Reagan Rush is sure the School of Business trained IU students well to be "ruthless, all-American capitalists". Miss Rush, meet Karl Marx. He's as dead as the philosophy you both share.
  • If you don't like free speech, don't exercize it -- The Associated Press reports that the Florida legislature recently passed a bill alowing drivers to put a "choose life" message on their licence plates. The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) attacked the measure, and one opponent of the bill argued it might encourage anti-abortion terrorism! Get a life people, it's called FREE SPEECH!
  • Everyone amazes themselves sometimes--At the April 30 candidate forum for District 60 State Representative, incumbent Jerry Bales said, "It amazes me when people talk like a conservative, but then you find out they're actually liberals." Jerry, you took the words right out of our mouths!!
  • No room to talk--Women's Student Organization members Julie Tamar Shecter and Bethany Cockburn complained in a letter to the IDS on May 1 about an Indianapolis radio station's billboard advertisements. They expressed shock at the ad, which features cartoon figures of well-endowed bikini-clad women. This comes two weeks after WSA hosted a program titled "Your Two Breast Friends: Breasts, Hooters, Jugs and Bazoombas," dedicated solely to discussing breasts, and featuring an explicit video.

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