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  • Human rights, but not for children?--The Bloomington Beacon reports that incumbent U.S. Rep. Julia Carson (D-IN, 10th) had avowed homosexual Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass) speak at her re-election fundraiser on March 15. Carson said Frank is one of "a few of us who believe in human rights." In the past, Frank has shown support for the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), a pedophile organization that advocates elimination of statutory rape laws.
  • If you can't do better, don't even try!--On his April 6 "Afternoon Edition" radio show on AM 1370, host Mark Shaw tried to prove he was unbiased in a rambling, whining attack on State Representative candidate Jeff Ellington by first stating that he does not vote in Jeff's district. Gee, Mark, then we're unbiased in saying you're a pompous, biased windbag, since we don't have a radio show in this area!
  • Lorena Bobbitt meets Ted Kaczynski--According to the Indiana Daily Student, one of the "Guerilla Girls" on campus April 6 "urged all the men in the audience to wrap up their reproductive organs and send them to the federal government..." The "Girls" are a group of art-world feminists who gave a lecture at IU, all the while wearing gorilla masks.
  • Are we being silent? I can't hear you!--The "National Day of Silence" was observed on April 8 by local Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgendered (GLBT) activists. The purpose of the day was to symbolically show the silence forced on the GLBT community. However, the front page of the April 9 IDS contained a photograph of a pro-GLBT protester with a megaphone. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
  • Hypocricy reigns--At a time when Democrats are claiming the scandals surrounding President Clinton do not affect his ability to serve, the Associated Press reports a Democratic activist in California has vowed to dig up personal dirt on any Republican on the House Judiciary Committee who votes for impeachment. Can anyone say extortion?
  • Whatsoever you sow...The Indianapolis Star reports that former Senator and world champion groper Bob Packwood is looking to return to elected office thanks to the attitudes displayed by feminists in light of sex-harassment allegations against Bill Clinton. Feminist leaders like Gloria Steinem and Anita Hill will surely be dismayed that the man they helped to drive from office is set to return, but after defending Clinton, do they have a leg to stand on?
  • Looking hard for an accusation--Student Coalition leader Ryan Vertner suggests in an April 15 letter to the editor that the IDS is guilty of perpetuating negative stereotypes of African American men because they printed what Vertner considers a questionably designed page layout. One wonders if the IDS is part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy... after all, they did endorse VRWC for IUSA!

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