Bits & Bytes

  • Fire!! Fire!! heh heh heh--The March 15 Herald-Times reported there will be a cotrolled burn in the Hoosier National Forest. Surely, InPIRG will be upset. If only man didn't interfere with nature so! Nonetheless, Beavis would be proud.
  • Most women would disagree--Commenting on the sexual harassment allegations against Bill Clinton by Kathleen Willey, Anita Hill opined that the allegation that Clinton grabbed Willey's breasts and put her hand on his genitals does not constitute sexual harassment. Let's get this straight, Anita: dirty jokes are sexual harassment when told to you by Clarence Thomas, but if he had grabbed you in that manner, it is not harassment?
  • Hold on to your wallet!-- The March 16 Herald-Times reports IUSA President Dave Orenstein has proposed a mandatory fee of "no more than $35 per year" for all IU students to get a bus pass which will allow free rides on both the IU bus system and Bloomington Transit. Can anyone say "Command Economy"?
  • Take the credit, pass the buck--Outgoing Residence Halls Association Tara Sullivan has all the qualifications to be a Democrat politician. While gloating in IDS articles about the "flexibility" in the new dorm meal plan, she has consistently referred students to their own dorm presidents to answer criticism of the plan, which raises the minimum cost to students more than $800 and shrinks the range of price from nearly $800 to only $200.
  • Tax and tuition dollars hard at work--McNutt quad residents were treated to a "Fake an Orgasm Contest" on Wednesday, March 11. Out of all the problems that undergraduates face, it's so nice to see the dorms coming to meet this need.

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