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  • Tell us again about how the media is unbiased: The pro-abortion march at the Monroe County Courthouse in Bloomington sponsored by the Women's Student Association, Bloomington NOW, and Reclaim our Reproductive rights recieved front page coverage in the January 23 Indiana Daily Student. However, the IDS ignored the equally large March for Life at the courthouse sponsored by Monroe County Right to Life and IU Students for Life just four days earlier. Scooped again by Hoosier Review!
  • She comes from a long line of heterosexuals--In a rambling, ivory-tower column on sexuality in the IDS, Regan Rush wonders why biologists aren't "frantically looking for a possible cure for [heterosexuality]." Hmmm... Sure would fix population growth, eh?
  • New side-effect of marijuana discovered--Judging by a series of letters to the editor in the IDS, smoking pot causes excessive and unprovoked opinion-writing. Numerous letters in the past several weeks have run the usual gamut of reasons for the drug to be legalized. In other news, UITS has reported an unusual number of students caught snacking in computer labs.
  • New York Times to take lessons from the Indiana Daily Student?--In her January 30 article in the IDS on the Birmingham, Alabama bombing of an abortion clinic, reporter and feminist activist Laura Taflinger quoted three pro-life and three pro-choice representatives and mentioned most pro-lifers oppose violence. No such luck in the New York Times, however. NYT "reporter" Rick Bragg quoted five pro-choice people including President Clinton while only including one quote from the other side. Bragg also fails to mention in his NYT article that most pro-life activists oppose violence.
  • Who is being intolerant this time?--National Review quotes Henry Louis Gates Jr. as explaining the opposition to affirmative action amoung conservatives: "It's like they were hibernating for a few decades and... they walked into a room, and they go, 'God, how'd these women get in here, how'd these black people get in here'?"
  • What kind of answer can you give for THIS? At a recent Women's Student Association meeting, a former Planned Parenthood staffer noted she is "sad" that due to legislation, her daughter no longer has the right to a partial-birth abortion.

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