Bits & Bytes

  • Misplaced Priorities--According to Toby Stout of Middle Way House, the city of Bloomington gives $477,000 to animal shelters, while spending a total of $37,877 on shelters for battered women.
  • Oh, no! Free Markets!--The Communication Workers of America's publication Campus Voice notes "CWA will continue the fight against privatization wherever the notion rears its ugly head."
  • Flattery through imitation?--In a press conference addressing the latest White House scandal--fund raising--Clinton emulates former President Ronald Reagan in claiming he "could not recall" whether he made fund raising calls for the Democratic National Committee from the White House.
  • Leonard to teach Sunday School in H-T?--In response to a guest column by Congressman John Hostettler, Mike Leonard wrote a column in the Herald-Times asserting Biblical evidence for environmentalism. Among others, Leonard quotes a New Testament scholar interpreting the book of Genesis!
  • What about Social Security?--Addressing high parking fees for low-income University employees, CWA representative Linda Harl notes, "That's called 'regressive taxation,' and it's a long-established American principle that regressive income taxes are wrong."

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