Bits & Bytes

  • Disappointed, John?--In a recent guest column in the IDS, Bloomington Mayor John Fernandez notes "Unfortunately, as the recent news from Thomson proves, we often cannot control what individual companies choose to do."
  • Hutchins to start student militia?--In his February 18 opinion column addressing our last issue of Hoosier Review, Philmore S. Hutchins predicts someday "the arguments won't be made through the use of keyboards but guns and missiles." Hutchins promises "I'll be the first in line to throw down my keyboard and pick up a gun."
  • Have you ever seen them together?--The similarities between Mike Leonard's Herald-Times column on February 11, and Jake Goshert's IDS column the following day (both attacking Congressman John Hostettler for his positions on I-69 and the Greene Co. wetlands project) are so striking as to suggest they are in fact the same person.
  • Check your facts, H-T--A recent Herald-Times headline concerning the I-69 project read "Farm Bureau Joins Road Opponents." However, the Bloomington Voice reports the Farm Bureau is actually in favor of "building an Indianapolis to Evansville highway."
  • Where have you been for the last 30 years?--Referring to the response of Bloomington elected officials to the Thomsom closing, city councilman Mayer, (D) at-large, comments that "government is the solution."

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