Bits & Bytes

  • Cracks in the Coalition?--According to the IDS, OUT had concerns about students skipping classes for the march. However, in an opinion column, Philmore S. Hutchins calls such beliefs "idiotic."
  • Don't men need Affirmative Action, too?--In an IDS article about the lack of male students in the Education School, Marlin Elementary School Principal Marsha Shear notes she "would not hire a less qualified man instead of a more qualified woman."
  • Everyone wants to be famous--In an IDS piece on the teaching of history, IU grad Ellen Wu feels the pain of "students that have maybe gone through 12 years of education...and they don't see their face in the book."
  • Does that include you, Chris?--Christopher Bickel asserts in his IDS column that "without exception" (emphasis added) American history produces "a sexist, racist and homophobic citizenry."
  • Million Man Math Made Easy?--The IDS reported about 400 students at the King Day protest. Philmore S. Hutchins later boasts of 850 students in his opinion column.

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