The Vault

After pushing open the heavy oaken doors and flipping on a lone light fixture with a sharp "click," you see the musty vault before you. Blowing off some dust, you carefully lift an old document from its shelf.

You've found your way into the storage area for Hoosier Review. Be our guests, and stay awhile. See who has written for HR, what events have shaped the campus community, and how we've changed over the years. Every issue is preserved in its original HTML format.

NOTE: Clicking on the HR logo in the upper left-hand corner on any page in the archives will bring you to the current front page of Hoosier Review.

Volume 1--Our first four issues. Classic HR!

Volume 2--Our first full volume. These 15 issues document the most important events of the 97-98 school year.

9/3/98--Volume 3, Number 1--featuring John Hostettler's appearance at the College Republicans' first mass meeting.

9/20/98--Volume 3, Number 2--featuring coverage of the Hostettler/Riecken debate in Bedford, IN.

10/4/98--Volume 3, Number 3--featuring Newt Gingrich's visit to Seymour, IN, and Indianapolis' bid for the 2000 GOP convention.

10/18/98--Volume 3, Number 4--featuring Jeff Ellington's appearance at a meeting of the Political Science Club.

11/1/98--Volume 3, Number 5--featuring the College Republican invasion in Evansville, IN.

11/15/98--Volume 3, Number 6--featuring post-election commentary and the IUSA bus proposal.

11/29/98--Volume 3, Number 7--featuring our last preparations before going into print.

12/13/98--Volume 3, Number 8--featuring changes in the GRIF fund and interview with new College Republicans President Karen Swango.

1/25/98--Volume 3, Number 9--featuring IU Students for Life at the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Joel Corbin

Bryant Lewis