This column concludes a series of columns that are part of one story--a fictional story about abortion that will hopefully open a few eyes. Here is the third chapter, consisting of general and informal observations and inferences.

Weep No More

By Robert Schiener

Chapter 1.
Chapter 2.
Chapter 3.

Writing "Weep No More" was a tough six-week project to muster not so much for content development but for the emotional strain associated with the topic of discussion. Abortion is a part of reality and happening at a rate of one murder per thirty seconds in our nation. As mentioned, I received an emotional strain from the writing. I must admit that I shed a few tears as I reviewed and re-read the content, especially the part when the aborted child let a "thin river of blood running from his heart to a groundless floor" (Chapter One) on the lap of Veronica.

Why did this project end without insight into Mary's or Hillenfeld's final demise? This was a purposeful attempt to allow the reader to formulate his own judgement as to the uncertainty regarding our Lord's final judgement. Put differently, each and every human will be forced to confront Him with our past ills and accomplishments. Abortion is no accomplishment you skeptic! Abortion is evil I say, evil! To all those who seek rationality and truth, you mustn't reject the Word of God which includes, "Thou shall not murder."

It strikes me as worse than odd that half our populace is divided over the issue of implicit murder. How can any rational-minded being ever advocate the Choice Movement? I thus have grand suspicions that such individuals fail to advocate religion or virtueness altogether. Rather, such peoples advance the short-term political agendas of social liberals, libertarians, and radical feminists.

How about advancing the long-term religious agenda of God? Whenever confronted with a philosophical dilemma of morality, I simplify it by involving God. For if God were my close neighbor, I could stroll to his nest and seek his logic and truth. "Lord," I begin, "if confronted with an unintended pregnancy, should the mother simply concede defeat and kill?" Remember, God equals the truth and his advice equals a truism. Hence, what would be God's reply to the posed inquiry? It's intuitive to be sure. God would advocate counseling, suggestions, and comfort to the mother, but would NEVER recommend murder. Hence, does not my point about human rationality and actuality connect in a multitude of ways. For one, actuality tells us there is and will be abortion even though rationality argues against abortion in all its evil stages. For two, human nature is unscrupulous and vice-like, thereby deprioritizing unborn humans' rights in favor of short-term pleasure and self-righteousness.

Finally, it was my objective that other college students would read this short story. The reasons are twofold. College, many say, is intended to liberalize the academic and social mind in order to test the validity of the null hypothesis of normality. Why is it then that many students fail to walk in the shoes of another, unless those shoes happen to fit the feet of an African-American, gay, or another (historically) ostracized group of peoples? Secondly, I wanted all those considering abortion to reconsider their foolishness for the sole reason of inevitable consequences to follow. As observed in Chapter Two, Hillenfeld is facing a sentence behind the bars of shame and embarrassment for his tenure of mass murder. What will happen to Mary for her evilness and ignorance? What will happen to the female considering Mary's choice of murder? This uncertainty, reader, lay in the lap of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Robert Schiener

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