This column continues a series of columns that are part of one story--a fictional story about abortion that will hopefully open a few eyes. Here is the second chapter.

Weep No More

By Robert Schiener

Chapter 1.
Chapter 2.

All Mary desired to do now was pass out. Here her soul stood in the face of Veronica and a weeping child who knew not the meaning of sin or human life for that matter. But the wish to faint was now absurd. Due to her sudden and tragic death on I-59, Mary could no longer shelter herself from other people or become isolated in her lowly apartment as she had often done to escape the pressures put on her by various peoples. Put differently, she was now as powerless as her one and only victim ten years ago.

And then it happened. Just as the last minutes of her life were viewed from an airborne video, so too was a desolate and desperate man of 55 hanging his hands from the rusted steel bars of an antique jail cell. His countenance was pitiful and unmistakenly desperate. His back was hunched and tired. It was almost as if he had crossed the Sahara without food or drink. Anybody even attempting such a feat without the aid of water would surely succumb to a "dehydrated" and "deflated" predicament as he now appeared.

However, the man was not alone by any standards. Just as an audience attending a circus would arrange themselves, so too did these persons dressed in white robes. They encircled the man with mathematical precision leaving no space amongst themselves nor disturbing the perfectly symmetrical figure.

The recognition of the man and the reason for his audience became as clear as faith itself. The man, Mary reluctantly recalled, had performed the illegal abortion for her in 1961. Further, he was the doctor who had assisted in many such abortions during the late 1950s and early 1960s as the social debate surrounding the legality of abortion enlisted itself on the systemic political agenda. His name was Dr. Morton A. Hillenfeld, a self-proclaimed atheist at the time and a mass murderer by choice.

Mary's soul began to feel the terrible and unyielding emotions that only an observer of Auschwitz could testify to. These similarities between Hillenfeld's rein of terror and Hitler's reign of insanity were synonymous with a complete and pitiful collapse of tyranny gone wrong. She couldn't help but observe 800 persons--all of varying age--stare consistently with emotion and tears at Hillenfeld, the social dictator. And just as Mary's aborted child did on the lap of Veronica, so too did a river of blood flow from their hearts to a groundless floor.

Immediately after this horrific display of past victims, the pose of Veronica and Mary's child reappeared near a chalice and cross nearly 180 degrees behind the Hillenfeld display. Their was additional oddity this time as neither Veronica nor Hillenfeld ever made visual contact. And who can blame this reality. For who, in their religious and virtuous mind would ever want vice to be met with purity or evil to be met with piety.

Moments later, the child of Mary graciously and perfectly succeeded the lap of Veronica and approached the rueful jail cell with calm and religious posture. From Heaven, two angels were sent to escort the child into the ever increasing population of Hillenfeld's victims. Upon completing their task, the angels blessed the child and fed him Godly prayers and hymns.

In consequence, Hillenfeld added one more layer of perspiration, one more layer of guilt, and one more layer of indebtedness to the lap of Christ.

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Joel Corbin

Bryant Lewis

Rush Reagan