Strange bedfellows, indeed

By Rush Reagan

Well, it is offical. Our political system is being taken over by something almost as bad as politicans. Amazingly enough, professional wrestling has now inter-twined itself with politics.

Everyone knows about Jesse Ventura. The former wrestler, who used the nickname of "The Body" was elected as the govenor of Minnesota. Ventura, who was the former mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota at least has some political experince to take with his to the govenor's mansion.

Ventura's election has brought to us "The Mind", instead of "The Body". A somewhat better nickname, although no has yet to see if it is true. Plus, courtesy of Ventura, we were given the best quote of the political season "Just call me the governing body."

But now, I guess anyone thinks he can win in politics. That is why Hulk Hogan is running for President of the United States. No, that is not a typo, nor am I on any medications. Hogan, the man that put wrestling on the map in the '80s, the star of "Mr. Nanny", the man who wrestled with Dennis Rodman this summer (and won), the man who wrestled against Jay Leno (and lost), is running for President.

Apparently, the painted-on beard has sent fumes to Hogan's brain. He announced on live television (WCW's "Monday Nitro") that he was running. Personally, I thought it was some gag for ratings. The next week, he introduced everyone to his new "intern", a woman that looked and dressed similarly to Monica Lewinsky. Another ratings ploy I guessed.

However, I guessed wrong. On Thanksgiving night, I tuned into "The Tonight Show" and who should be on but Hogan. Hogan was there for 2 main reasons. One to announce his retirement (I guess the Social Security checks were enough for him to live on). The other was to once again announce his candidacy.

Hogan said he would be talking to various third parties to see who he would run for, and seemed to actually know what he was talking about on a few issues. Amazed, I realized he wasn't going after ratings, but the Oval Office.

So, I think we all know who we can blame this on. Jesse Ventura has to take full credit/blame for this one. This looks like a "monkey see, monkey do" problem to me. How far will this go? Only the ratings know (I think). And that's the real deal (unless you are talking about wreslting).

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Bryant Lewis

Rush Reagan