Time to get involved!

by Joel Corbin

The start of the semester usually means a few days of lighter homework loads, some time to relax just a bit more before getting involved in your classes. But it's also a perfect time to fit other activities into your weekly schedule. Don't wait until papers and midterms eat up all your time, giving you an excuse to stay withdrawn. Make time right now for the various clubs, organizations, and publications available on campus. Last year's seniors are gone, and these groups need members, officers, and writers.

Despite what you may have been told, the majority of students on this campus are conservative, or hold mainly conservative principles. Sure, a large part of the ids editorial page leans to the left, as does the newly-reorganized griot and a number of other vocal student groups. The only reason the campus has a reputation of liberalism is that the conservative voice is not as often heard. In the past, we've had several vocal conservative writers in the ids and here in Hoosier Review, but now they've graduated and others need to fill their shoes.

In order to keep our voice heard, conservatives need people who will stand up for what they believe. Join the College Republicans, IU Students for Life, write for Hoosier Review, join Christian fellowship or the Objectivism club. You don't have to be that club president, just join and go to a mass meeting or two. Sign up for the club's mailing list and get involved. There are too many students who are content with the status quo, or are too timid to be noticed. Don't be a part of the "silent majority," because it's never going to be a true majority until it is no longer silent.

You can make a large contributions to these clubs by your attendance and involvement. Campus organizations need student member who aren't afraid to take a stand for their beliefs. Write letters to the ids criticizing its liberal columns. Join the discussion on the majordomo mailing lists or on www.republicanweb.com. Don't be afraid of being called partisan. The College Republicans want students who are partisan and will stay that way, instead of reinventing themselves whenever it seems beneficial.

This year, make time to get involved. Participate, stand on your convictions, and make sure your voice is heard. No one will notice a "silent majority" until it makes itself noticed.

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Joel Corbin