Volume 3, Number 1

September 7, 1998

College Republicans, Hoosier Review start new year

By Eric Seymour

Another exciting year at Indiana University is already well started. With elections for offices from Congress to local positions up for grabs in November, the next few months promise to be full of activity, debate, and suprises. With your support, Hoosier Review will be there to keep you informed.

Under the leadership of President Robert Brothers and with the hard work of Secretary Shawn Peterson and his fellow volunteers, College Republicans have hit the ground running this fall. Long before students arrived in late August, CRs were planning a publicity blitz and a mass meeting to inform and recruit new students.

For the next two months, College Republicans plan to help Republican candidates by registering voters and assisting campaign efforts both on and off campus. Though it is often hard work, experienced CRs know that it is all worth it to be part of the victory celebration on Election Day.

Hoosier Review is a conservative publication run by Indiana University students. Our goal is to bring you news that does not receive good coverage in the mainstream media, and/or to balance the liberal bias especially prevalent in local reporting. With events such as the restarting of the left-wing publication griot with funding from the IU Student Association, the need has never been greater for a conservative voice on campus.

If you'd like to be a part of that voice, email us at jhhumphr@indiana.edu or eseymour@indiana.edu. We are always looking for a few good reporters, columnists, humorists, political cartoonists, or anything else fit to print!

Our URL: http://surf.to/hreview

Additional articles in this issue:

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