Volume 3, Number 9

January 25, 1999

Check out Hoosier Review now in print!! You can find our first print issue at any IU dormitory in the free publication racks, as well as in the Union and some classroom buildings.

Hoosier Review moves forward

In only 2 months (including winter break), Hoosier Review has made a lot of steps both as a publication and as a student group. As noted above, we have our first issue printed on real paper. We've been trying to find places to distribute them where they are both accessible, but not likely to be thrown away by janitors or such. If you have a suggestion for a distribution site, email us at hoosier_review@hotmail.com.

Also, we are now registered as an official IU student group, and will soon have a University email account and web page. We are always looking for new volunteers, so if you want to be a reporter, columnist, cartoonist, or even work on the business end, let us know at the above address.

Be sure to check out B-town Beatfor a new article about the March for Life in Washington, D.C.!

Additional articles in this issue:

Is NARAL pro-choice or pro-abortion?

Reflections onimpeaching the President

Breaking news elsewhere:

White House puts pressure on NBC not to air interview with alleged Clinton rape victim

House managers question alleged victim.

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