Volume 3, Number 6

November 15, 1998

Big Democratic Victory!! Where?

By Brad Holtz

The swirling winds of change have made their presence known in Washington and throughout the rest of the country. The people have spoken, their voices have been heard. They have sent a clear message to all of those evil Republicans who want to poison your air and kill your grandmother. "We will not stand for this," the country said on November 3rd.

In fact, more can be determined from the outcome of November 3rd. First and foremost, the people are tired of the whole Clinton investigation. They have sent a strong clear message to Lucifer himself, Ken Starr. "We've had enough," the people have said. The people of this nation believe whole-heartedly that lying about sex is not perjury and that perjury, in and of itself, is not an impeachable offense. The people have expressed their discontent with all of the mean horrible Republicans that comprise the religious right. "We don't support any of your fascist claims and beliefs. You cannot legislate morality."

Yeah, it was pretty clear that a message was sent on November 3rd. That is why only 5 seats were picked up in all of Congress.

The Democrats, as I illustrated above, would have you believe that it was absolute thrashing of the Republicans on November 3rd. In fact, if I may be bold enough to say this, the election results were another victory for the Republicans. For the first time in seventy years, the Republican Party will have control over Congress for the third straight session, not a bad accomplishment for a party which was outdone by Democrats in Congress for years. If you go back ten or so years, look at the congressional makeup. The Democrats not only had control in Congress, they had overwhelming control in Congress. The revolution of the GOP in 1994 was truly an amazing one. In one election, the Republicans picked up over 50 seats in the House.

But the Party cannot look at the past. The GOP must look at what is going on right now and it still looks very bright. Again, the Republicans still have total control over Congress and control over the country's governorships. It still is not clear if anything can be determined from the outcomes of this election. Prior to Election Day, Democrats were running around like headless chickens adamantly saying, "This election is about issues, not the President."

On Wednesday, November 4th, it was very clear that their position had changed. "This election has clearly sent a message to the Judiciary Committee and to Ken Starr and anyone else that wants the President to leave office." That was the basic statement spreading across every news outlet, both electronic and print, on Wednesday. But 5 Representative changes can't tell you a damn thing. I hate to say it, but it can't.

It is now becoming clearer that the Republican Party needed a stronger agenda for their cause. It was upsetting to not see the passion in the Republican message that was so successfully used in the sweeping Revolution of 1994 and in the subsequent victory of 1996. It seems that the lack of passion could have easily led to Republican voter apathy. This was a year where the Democrats went out in numbers and convinced their beloved minority friends to vote, claiming that a vote for the Democrats would forever change their lives for the better.

A vote for the Democrats is a vote for big government and for few, if any, opportunities to advance your life without the government supporting every step of the way. What I saw in Newburgh, Indiana on October 24th was the epitome of the Republican philosophy - strong work and rugged individualism can accomplishment far more than anything can be accomplished with the government over your shoulder. In this case the community was pulling together for a woman (who happened to be black - but how could liberals believe Dan Quayle would want to help a black woman!!) who was in need of a new home. What I witnessed that day in Newburgh was the very heart of the great American spirit. This spirit I do not see in the Democratic Party. For the Democrats, the government just has to be involved.

November 3rd did not tell us anything, certainly not what Congress should do in the Clinton investigation. I am confident that the Judiciary Committee will do the right thing. But now it is time to look ahead for 2000 and for the GOP to come together as one, while emphasizing the basic core values of the Republican Party. With teamwork and leadership in the next two years, who knows, we may even regain control of Congress from those Democrats who won so big on election day!

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