Volume 3, Number 3

October 4, 1998

Gingrich Visits Seymour, Comments on Surplus

By Brad Holtz

House Speaker Newt Gingrich recently visited Seymour, IN, for a Republican fundraiser for Jean Leising, 9th District Congressional candidate. He offered some very interesting comments on the current budget surplus debate. "Liberals believe if there's a surplus, it belongs to the government. We believe if there's a surplus, it's your money," stated Gingrich. It could not have been said any better than that.

Gingrich went on to say that current budget projections call for eleven years of surpluses. He said that there is plenty of money for saving social security--Bill Clinton's focus for the surplus. On the future surpluses, Gingrich said, "The President knows it's true, but he won't say it. They're putting some of the money aside for the government. Liberals believe that Washington knows best."

Republicans are currently proposing an $80 billion tax break, a proposal that the President has threatened to veto. Gingrich believes that Social Security can be saved with the current surplus and future surpluses. He reiterated that the rest of the money should go back to taxpayers, not Washington.

Last week President Clinton spoke of the budget surplus, saying, "We have waited a long time for this--not quite as long as we waited for Roger Maris' record to be broken, but nearly." The same goes for a GOP controlled Congress, which initiated and passed the current balanced budget as part of the Contract with America. But of course the President has to take all the credit, except when it comes to sex and lying under oath. Give him a break--he just doesn't remember.

Newt Gingrich also recently commented on the investigation of Clinton. Gingrich said, "The most important thing about the next few months is not the outcome, but whether people can look back fifty years from now and say, 'We did it the right way.'" If Gingrich and the rest of Congress do it the right way, the outcome is clear--and it's not a bright one for Bill Clinton.

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