Volume 3, Number 10

February 7, 1999

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Funds Allocated for D'Souza Forum

By Brad Holtz

The Indiana University Student Association congress approved monetary support for the College Republicans at a meeting on Thursday, January 21. The $500 that was approved will be used for a forum featuring anti-affirmative action advocate Dinesh D'Souza. D'Souza will be taking part in a March debate regarding affirmative action. The debate will take place against a pro-affirmative action IU professor. College Republicans had initially requested $6,000 from IUSA's Grass Roots Initiative Fund. After some twisting and turning, a resolution was passed which gave the CR's $500.

Senior College Republican Eric Seymour said, "From past experience, we always expect them to decrease the amount we request because so many organizations apply for funds. We would have liked more, but I'm not suprised because of what I have seen in the past." What we have seen in the past is the lack of funds given to conservative groups, like the College Republicans. Most recently, Hoosier Review was offered extremely limited funding to begin a print copy of the paper. Republicans and conservatives alike are pleased to finally see some relatively significant funding for a conservative cause.

The Union Board and other national organizations, such as Young America's Foundation, will hopefully provide additional funding for the D'Souza event. The event is preliminarily set for late March. But in the meantime, conservatives across campus are thankful that some GRIF funds have been allocated for this forum. After seeing this, maybe there is a chance for IUSA after all.

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