Hostettler addresses students at CR Mass Meeting

By Eric Seymour

On Thursday evening, September 3, the Indiana University College Republicans held their first mass meeting of the year. A crowd of approximately 60 students (not counting CR officers and guest speakers) gathered in Fine Arts 015 with great expectations from the publicity that had announced the meeting, including a mass mailing to more than 4000 dorm residents.

These students' expectations were met, and more. The meeting began with audio clips to get everyone in the mood for the evening. First was a humorous speculation on what the Bloomington campus might be like if the College Republicans didn't exist. Next was a hilarious parody called "Forrest Gore," and finally a couple CRs giving their reasons for getting involved.

Bloomington City Councilman Brad Wisler (who got his start in politics with the College Republicans) was the emcee for the night, and introduced Carl Salzmann, who addressed the students on the reasons to become involved in politics.

After introducing the CR officers and the local office-holders in attendance, Wisler introduced U.S. Representative John Hostettler. Hostettler told of his work as a congressman, and explained how he is working for the people of Indiana's 8th district (which includes Bloomington), as well as the nation as a whole. At the end of his speech, Hostettler answered some questions from the crowd.

As the meeting adjourned, attendees mingled with the CR leadership and local government officers. Excitement was certainly in the air and everyone felt ready to take on the fall elections!

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Joel Corbin