Staffers return to B-town with strengthened patriotism

By Brad Holtz

With all of the scandal spread across the papers for the last year, many Americans have been so swept up and consumed by them that they have forgotten what is at the heart of the matter. A group from Hoosier Review took a weekend trip to our nation's capitol the weekend of November 21-22 and the patriotism that is at the heart of our nation's existence was rekindled in many.

Rekindled is a bad word, though. I can't say that there is an unpatriotic sentiment from anyone in our group. We all have a deep love for our country. But seeing the history that is in Washington strengthened that patriotism that is shared by our group. You can't help being moved when you view the sights from the Washington monument. In one direction is the White House, in another the Lincoln Memorial, in another the Jefferson Memorial, and in another, the United States Capitol. When I stood from this perspective, I fully realized what this country stands for, what we are about, and what we believe in.

Brad, Eric, Tara, Joel, and Bryant in the Vice President's ceremonial office at a desk formerly used by Presidents Kennedy and Nixon

I never had any questions in my mind about my sense of national pride and patriotism. I felt a sense of confusion when I considered the beliefs on which this nation was founded and how these beliefs are in direct conflict with the current scandal regarding the President. I felt amazed that anyone who visits this beautiful city could defend Bill Clinton after feeling the way I did when I viewed the monuments that stand for our basic beliefs: freedom, trust, rugged individualism, and a sense that all are equal under the basic principles of this great country.

When one walks through the streets of our nation's capitol, you can't help but be gracious and thankful to God that we have been blessed to live in this great country, a country with countless freedoms and boundless opportunities. I was recently told that, after stating that the sky's the limit in America, my notion was very untrue. The person I was talking to gave me examples of the poverty that is still present in this country. I then explained a feeling that is dear to me. When one--and I mean anyone--uses the principles on which this country was founded, hard work, strong will, and rugged individualism, anything is possible and the sky is the limit.

If you feel disgusted and apathetic, just remember that we still enjoy the God-given freedoms and liberties that were the cornerstones of this great nation. If you don't take my word for it here, just spend a weekend in Washington D.C. Then you'll understand me.

Eric Seymour

Robert Schiener

Joel Corbin

Bryant Lewis

Rush Reagan