Quayle rallies Republicans in Evansville

By Brad Holtz

Former Vice President Dan Quayle rallied Republicans at an October 24th campaign event for 8th District Congressional incumbent John Hostettler. A group of College Republicans attended the day's events which included the Quayle speech, a Habitat for Humanity building project and a neighborhood-wide campaign for John Hostetter.

Hostettler introduces Quayle to the eager crowd
Quayle's appearance at the rally for Hostettler provided an even bigger spark to a campaign that is already very optimistic for a victory on Nov 3. Quayle spoke very highly of Hostettler's record, both in Congress and personally. The large crowd packed the Days Inn banquet room to hear the former Vice President's remarks, which ranged from hilarious to more serious. Quayle amused the crowd when talking about the need for tax breaks and reforms. He spoke of how inheritance taxes allow the IRS to still tax your family after you die. He suggested a "no taxation without respiration" approach.

One of the biggest questions surrounding Quayle was partially answered when he spoke with the media at the Habitat for Humanity building project. "I probably will run for President in 2000," Quayle stated when speaking with the media. Upon this answer, a hushed excitement overcame the College Republicans that had assembled near Quayle during his session with the media.

The Quayle speech was an extremely inspirational one for those who had gathered for the Hostettler campaign event. Anyone that had gathered at the event unsure of which way they would vote, let alone vote at all, were moved to vote Republican by the speech of Quayle. He suggested that everyone encourage three people to vote on Tuesday who were unsure of whether or not they would vote or not. "Of course they should vote Republican," Quayle said. Then Quayle's wit appeared once again. "If they're going to vote Democrat, tell them the election's the first Tuesday in December."

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