Bits & Bytes

  • Freudian slip?--A headline in the November 16 Indiana Daily Student proclaims "Bloomington United plans to fight hate crimes, literature." While the editors probably did not mean to imply that Bloomington United will fight literature in general, their goof highlights the danger in targeting "hate" with legal sanctions. Going after "hate literature" evokes images of book burnings in 1930's Berlin.
  • And the Academy Award goes to--Clinton sympathizers in Congress in the media for their reversal in sentiment about Ken Starr that was rapid enough to cause whiplash. After complaining loudly that Starr's report contained nothing but Monica Lewinsky and sex, they complained even louder when Starr's testimony delved into other, potentially more important issues.
  • Objection! Leading the witness--In a November 27 Dateline NBC report anchored by Jane Pauly, Kathleen Willey's friend Julie Steele was given a virtual open microphone to attack Ken Starr. After Pauly stated that Starr had "sent up articles of impeachment" (he only issued a referral--only Congress can vote on articles of impeachment), she asked questions such as "Isn't this [the investigation] going a little far?" and "Do you feel he [Starr] believed he already knew the truth?"
  • Make up your mind--Though they include her picture prominently with a November article titled "Local, Gay-Friendly Candidates Score Victories," The Bloomington Beacon attacks Democratic State Representative-elect Peggy Welch for using "right-wing rhetoric" when expressing her reservations about legislation granting special protection for gays.
  • Stand by your man--despite advice to the contrary from FBI Director Louis Freeh, massive evidence of illegal activity on the part of Al Gore, and demands from congress for an Independent Counsel, Janet Reno has refused to appoint an Independent Counsel to investigate the Clinton Administration's campaign finance scandal. People suffering from terminal personality deficiency have to stick together, you know.

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