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  • All part of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?--Indiana liberals have shown remarkable paranoia and tech-illiteracy regarding the "year 2000 crisis." Remarked State Rep. Patrick Bauer, Democrat chair of House Ways and Means Committee, "I somehow still have the feeling this was all built-in obsolescence by the computer companies." Senator Vi Simpson, D-Bloomington, asked "Will the elevators stop? Is my microwave not going to work?"
  • Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!--In an October 29 letter to the editor in the Indiana Daily Student, Jonathan Greenberg accuses Shawn Peterson of being a blind follower of the Republican Party due to a pro-Ellington column Peterson wrote. Greenberg is a Democratic activist, and wrote several IDS columns against John Hostettler and in favor of Gail Reiken. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house, Jon.
  • Say hello to the party of hate--After opening his remarks on NBC's October 25 "Meet The Press" with a diatribe about how he personally dislikes Ken Starr and his staff, Democratic strategist James Carville used the words "we hate" seven times in fifteen seconds.
  • Looking hard to be offended--IDS columnist Tony Green based his entire October 23rd column on a previous IDS humor column outlining a fictitional "Million Mutt March." Green long-jumps to the conclusion that the author was comparing african-americans to dogs, then blames this "attitude" on all of society.
  • Did you hear that?!--Michigan Democratic Gubenatorial candidate Geoffrey Feiger has been saying some pretty interesting things lately, such as "Jesus Christ was just some goofball nailed to a cross." He also called a high leader of the Catholic church a "nut." Of course, when conservatives dare to malign liberals, they are assailed by the media. Where's the outrage on this one?
  • Not the kind of magic you want your kids to see--A former member of the staff of Alfred Kinsey said "You would have to be interviewed by Dr. Kinsey to understand the magic...there was really a radiance about the man." This is the kind of radiant magician, apparently, who hires pedophiles to obtain sexual "experimental data" from children as young as 3 years old. (See article about Kinsey Institute)

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