Bits & Bytes

  • A strange preference for public character--In his September 21 IDS column, Victor Katz writes "One reason I did not vote for Bob Dole is that he does not seem to have any weaknesses. This makes me distrust him as a human." Sure, Vic, that's the problem with our government: not enough philanderers, liars, and purjurers!
  • Where has he been??--In the September 22 Herald-Times, Gail Reiken campaign manager Ted Osthelder reacted to Rep. John Hostettler's inability to attand a debate by saying "Clearly, Mr. Hostettler is still stinging from the losses he has already suffered to Gail Riecken in the last two debates." It looks like the pain of losing is affecting Reiken's memory, considering she had a very bad day at one of the previous debates.
  • The party in a glass house shouldn't throw stones-- According to the September 28 IDS, Democrat candidate for prosecutor Pat Schrems shamelessly took political advantage of the anti-rape "Take Back the Night" rally, accusing the sitting Republican prosecutor of letting "an abuser get one free coupon for one free battery." Need we remind Pat that the head of his party has nearly inspired a "Take Back the Oval Office" rally?
  • "Boring" not synonym of "plain"-- According to CNN, Vice President Algore has introduced "plain speaking" awards to people in government agencies who replaced technical jargon in government documents with plain English. Unfortunately, "Mr. No controlling Legal Authority" will never recieve the award himself, nor will his boss, who has become famous for twisted legalisms in the Lewinsky scandal.

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