Bits & Bytes

  • IUPD takes lessons from Clinton--In an October 5 letter to the IDS, the IU Police Department implies a silly IDS column about parking tickets caused several incidents of harassment against Parking Operation personnel the next day. In addition to sounding like Bill Clinton blaming the Oklahoma City bombing on Rush Limbaugh in 1995, IUPD misses one simple explanation: could it be that IU's draconian parking policy is causing people to be irritated?
  • So does Japan--The Associated Press reported on October 8 that Japan's Emporer Akihito "apologized" for Japan's brutal colonial rule of Korea by admitting "Japan brought great suffering on the people of the Korean peninsula."
  • Defining their consciences for them--According to an October 8 AP article, Hillary Clinton urged freshman House Democrats to "vote their conscience" on the impeachment inquiry AND "argue on behalf of the Democratic alternative."
  • What a difference a year makes--In an October 10 editorial, the Washington Post argued that a convicted murderer should not be excecuted because, amoung other things, he was only 17 at the time of the murder. Lets see, when someone is 17 years old he's a child, but just one year later he's an adult who can fight in a war?
  • Who's endangering who?--According to the October 14 IDS, a gathering of anti-logging activists in Hoosier National Forest included self-defense classes, "a real concern for activists today." These are the same people who started a chainsaw in a Congressman's office as a protest.
  • This is balanced reporting?-- An October 15 AP story reports that ABC News nixed a story that shed a harsh light on it's parent company, Disney. The story alleges that Disney had lax controls in terms of hiring pedophiles. Note to ABC: If it looks like a cover-up, sounds like a cover-up, smells like a cover-up and tastes like a cover-up, it probably IS a cover up!

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